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Mississippi GOP Leaders Praise Paul Ryan VP Nomination

By Daniel Cherry | Published 13 Aug 2012 06:10pm | comments
Mississippi Republicans are uniting around Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more...
As soon as Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice President, Mississippi GOP leaders began praising the decision. Joe Nosef is Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. He says conservatives in the state he's encountered, from the Governor down to grassroots organizers, are excited over the pick.
"They understand that Mitt Romney is the one running for President and that's what they're excited about the most, but this addition of Paul Ryan and his ideas and his youth and energy is something everyone is excited about."
Mississippi has been a solid red state in presidential elections for more than three decades, and some political watchers believe Congressman Ryan's nomination will only solidify conservative voters in the state. Sid Salter is Journalist in Residence at Mississippi State University.
"I think Ryan is as good of a choice as Romney could have made, and I think Mississippians will give an approving nod to that."
However Salter says Romney has struggled to connect with minorities and young voters, and Salter thinks Paul Ryan will do little to help with those groups. Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman, Ricky Cole, thinks the pick shows top Republicans in Washington don't want to work with Democrats. 
"What we need in Washington now is fewer extremists and more people willing to come together and work to solve the very difficult problems our country faces."
Democrats are quick to point out that Congressman Ryan is a favorite of the Tea Party, and has proposed massive changes to the Medicare program, which could potentially lead to thousands of dollars in additional healthcare costs for retirees.




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