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Recent Shootings Sparks Firearm Regulation Debate

By Daniel Cherry | Published 24 Jul 2012 07:48pm | comments
Some leaders in Washington are calling for tighter restrictions on certain types of firearms following the recent mass shootings in Alabama and Colorado. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how many in Mississippi don't want to see that happen.
Mississippi is the 5th most dangerous state for gun deaths per capita according to a recent study from the Violence Policy Center. Even so, Mississippians, like NRA certified firearm instructor, Wayne Bridges, are opposed to tighter gun regulations.
"It goes back to the Constitutional provision. If you begin restricting one item, you've already restricted the Constitution in and of itself."
The shootings last week, which injured 18 people in Tuscaloosa and 71, killing 12, in Aurora, Colorado, have stirred up new conversations. Both shooters used semi-automatic assault weapons, and some top Democrats in Washington say lawmakers should consider a ban on the weapons. Doug Bowser, President of the Mississippi Firearm Owners Association, doesn't see that as a solution.
"The idea that the assault rifle is that much more deadly than anything else....There are deer hunting rifles that, if a man knows how to operate, they're deadly also."
A federal law, imposing a ten-year ban on such firearms expired in 2004. George Burton of Jackson has a concealed carry permit and doesn't want to see sweeping restrictions on guns.
"With one exception, size of magazines. I don't have any problems with them regulating the size of the magazines the best they can, but, guess what, criminals can get whatever weapon they want."
Many believe, given the unpopularity of gun regulations and a Republican controlled House, it's doubtful Congress will pass any restrictions.




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