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True South Classic Brings Business to Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 19 Jul 2012 06:03pm | comments
Businesses in Central Mississippi are looking forward to a busy weekend while the state's only PGA tour event is in town. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how the event is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the economy and be a big help to local charities.
By the time the True South Classic tournament wraps up Sunday at the Annandale Golf Club in Madison, organizers expect between 40,000 to 50,000 people to come see the professional golfers at work. True South Classic Director, John Marovich, thinks that's going to be a big boost for all the businesses in the area.
"We've got 132 players, their caddies, their family, the Golf Channel. They come and they're staying in our hotels, eating in our restaurants, and shopping in our stores so it's a very big deal."
The tournament is expected to generate about $22 million into Mississippi's economy and will draw in between $350,000 to $500,000 for Mississippi charities like Friends of Children's Hospital. Melanie Schade with the organization says their portion of the funds from the tournament go towards the Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital.
"Obviously they can provide doctors, they can provide nurses. They need help with the fun things, the things that keep kids occupied. You have to have games for them. You have to have toys, movies."
Last year the tournament lost it's major sponsor in Viking Range, and organizers had to pull together a consortium of sponsors this year to fill the gap. Janet Leach with the tourism division of the Mississippi Development Authority is hopeful Mississippi will be able to hang on to the tournament.
"Of course there's a concern, but we want to keep it here and the state is very much behind it. At this time I know we're searching for a major sponsor."
Although known by a number of names in the past, the tournament has taken place in Mississippi 44 years.




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