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V.A. Hospital in Jackson Remains Under Scrutiny

By Daniel Cherry | Published 13 Jul 2012 03:39pm | comments
The veterans hospital in Jackson remains under scrutiny. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, one Mississippi Congressman is looking into allegations of poor conditions at the medical center.
Mississippi veterans have reached out to Congressman Bennie Thompson with complaints about the care they've received at the Sonny Montgomery VA hospital. Thompson called for a federal investigation into the facility last month, and Friday he toured the hospital to see what's going on first hand.
"I look forward to talking with the men and women on the health care side who prove the service to our veterans to see how I can be helpful, see if there are some problems, and, if there are, if my bringing attention to the proper authorities can be helpful." 
Complaints to Thompson's office include allegations of improper record keeping, understaffing, and even patient deaths. Rica Lewis Peyton is over 10 VA hospitals across 8 states. She points out the hospital in Jackson is in the top ten percent performing VA medical centers.
"That doesn't mean that we don't have opportunities to improve. We are the benchmark of excellence so we continue to raise the bar because the veterans deserve no less."
During his visit, Thompson didn't offer too many details about his tour, however, he did take note of the need for more services for homeless veterans. He hopes to be able to help get more vets into housing and treatment.
"Jackson tends to be magnet for people with issues with not just homelessness, but mental health and other things. So if those individuals are veterans we want to be able to take care of them." 
Congressman Thompson says the investigation into the hospital remains under review.




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