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Electric Vehicle Plant Bringing Jobs to North Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 08 Jul 2012 09:02pm | comments
A new electric vehicle manufacturing plant is beginning operations in North Mississippi. MPB’s Daniel Cherry has more on how local leaders are excited about the potential for thousands of new jobs in the area.
GreenTech Automotive announced they’re beginning production of their MyCar, a two-seat, all electric vehicle in Horn Lake. It’s a move the company says will create more than 400 direct jobs, and about 74 hundred more indirectly. Horn Lake Mayor, Nat Baker, is looking forward to having more jobs for residents, most of all because they don’t have to drive to Memphis to get to work.
“It keeps people at home. The residual income as far as taxes and all is created through buying at the grocery stores and the shopping malls and all. So the city benefits in more ways than just one.”
GreenTech officials say they chose Mississippi because the state offered the most aggressive incentive program. Jay Moon, President of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association believes automotive manufacturing is taking off in the state because foreign companies see plenty of opportunity.
“Really, the biggest issue for most businesses is workforce. How do I get the workforce? How do I train the workforce so I can make a world-class product? We have that workforce here in Mississippi.”
The company announced they plan to produce 10 thousand of the vehicles in the coming year. Congressman Alan Nunnelee was on hand for the unveiling, and he’s glad to see the plant opening up and bringing more jobs to his district.
"Mississippi has what manufacturing is looking for. We’ve got a stable tax base, we passed tort reform, and we have a great work force. You put all those things together and the future is bright for Mississippi."
The first year’s output is slated to be sent overseas to Denmark.




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