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Nissan in Canton to Begin Production of Sentra

By Daniel Cherry | Published 28 Jun 2012 04:55pm | comments
The Nissan plant in Canton is stepping up production. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how one of Nissan's most popular models will now be manufactured in the Magnolia State, and that means jobs for Mississippians.
Nissan North Americas announced, the plant in Canton will start production of the 2013 Sentra model beginning in December. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was on hand for the announcement yesterday.
"I am proud as Governor of the State of Mississippi to announce that Nissan is creating 1,000 new jobs for Mississippians here at this plant."
When the expansion takes place, it will bring the plant's total employment to about 45 hundred workers. Nissan Americas Vice Chairman, Bill Krueger says the Canton plant has a big hand in all of Nissan's operations.
"By 2015, 85% of the Nissan sales in the U.S. will be built right here. A big jump from 69% of the localization in 2011."
The state spent about seven and a half million dollars in incentives to bring the model to Mississippi. Blake Wilson, President of the Mississippi Economic Council, says the expansion proves Mississippi is now a major contender for automotive manufacturing in the U.S.
"It is showing that this state can really send a signal to the world that this state has really come to the cutting edge. It's very, very exciting."
The Nissan Sentra will be the 7th model being manufactured at the Canton plant since its opening in 2003.




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