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Counties and Cities Issue Burn Bans

By Daniel Cherry | Published 29 Jun 2012 05:59pm | comments
Temperatures keep climbing and forecasters aren't expecting rain anytime soon...that makes conditions right for fires. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how several counties and cities in Mississippi are telling residents to put the brakes on burning.
As dry conditions persist across Mississippi, the risk for fires increases. Meteorologists say the state isn't in serious drought condition yet, but unless rain comes soon that could change. That's led to at least 8 counties and several cities to declare burn bans. Brandon put one in place under the direction of Fire Chief Rob Martin.
"When it gets this dry, it doesn't take a lot to cause the grass and brush to explode almost. And we're under some conditions like that. There's not any rain in the foreseeable future."
The goal is to make sure stray embers don't start a fire and potentially endanger residents' homes or their lives. That's why George Spann of Brandon is taking the ban seriously.
"If I see anyone burning, I'm going to notify (the city) because that's going to help me. We're obeying the law. You kind of have to because ain't nobody got that kind of money to pay these people when they come out here and put a fine on you."
The National Weather Service in Jackson is monitoring a huge high pressure system that's pushing rain away from Mississippi. Forecaster Brad Bryant expects these conditions to hang around.
"Considering the way the dryness has gone and leading up the 4th of July holiday, I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole lot of counties declare burn bans in advance of the holiday."
Fire safety officials urge residents to be extra careful when using fireworks, and make sure coals from the grill are completely cooled before throwing them out.




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