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Miss. Democrats Applaud VP Biden’s Debate Performance

By Daniel Cherry | Published 12 Oct 2012 12:44am | comments
In the one and only Vice Presidential debate this election season, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan faced off for an hour and a half last night. Mississippians were among the millions watching the debate. MPB News has team coverage from both sides...starting with MPB's Daniel Cherry.
Some polls following the debate suggest Republican Congressman Paul Ryan won the debate with Vice President Joe Biden. But if Biden's strategy was to energize the President's voting base, that certainly was the case at a Democratic debate watch party at a bar in downtown Jackson.
"He had an amazing swagger tonight. I mean, he was "Joe the Show". On Twitter I called him "Joe the Show". He gave a great show tonight."
That's Ryan Martin, of Clinton. Martin says after what many considered a lackluster performance by President Obama during the debate last week, Vice President Biden's energetic debate was what supporters were looking for. 
"Oh yeah, this was much needed, and I think the Vice President knew this was much needed when he came into tonight's debate. I think he stuck to the facts, and I think he knew . 
Neither candidate gave any ground to the other during the debate. Lori Garrott from Jackson watched with her friends, and she liked Biden's aggressive style.
"I like it when somebody calls somebody out for saying something that isn't true, and I think that's been lacking in debates. so I'm kind of happy with how it's going, and I've been very pleased with that Biden has been able to come back with factual statements that refute things that Ryan has been saying that are untrue."
Democrats applauded the Vice President's message that revolved around strengthening the middle class. Atlee Breland of Brandon thinks the Romney/Ryan ticket has not been firm on some issues, and liked what she heard from Biden. 
"We see this flip-flopping, this constant misinformation, this constant willingness to say whatever he (Mitt Romney) thinks the focus groups will agree with. It's really nice to see people saying what they actually believe, and it's really nice to see such a clear contrast of the choice that we have before us."
Last night's debate was the only time Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan will square off on the same stage.




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