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Communities Still Recovering From 2011 Flood

By Daniel Cherry | Published 20 May 2012 05:51pm | comments

Communities along the Mississippi River are remembering and recovering from the record flood from a year ago. MPB’s Daniel Cherry reports how the 2011 flood created lasting memories and lessons for the future.

In downtown Vicksburg on Friday, city leaders along with the Army Corps of Engineers, placed a new high-water marker on the floodwall separating the city from the Mississippi River.

"It is amazing to think that just one year ago today that this water reached record heights. We are here today to commemorate the marking of the floodwall with that historic flood level."

That’s Bill Serrat, Executive Director of the Vicksburg Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. A year ago the water was 30 feet higher at 57.1 feet. The highest ever recorded. North of town, in the Kings Crossing community, residents Makeita and Sheronda Buck look back on last year.

"It was real bad, because the last flood that came it didn't even...it was in our backyard, but it didn't get up here. But the 2011 flood, it came all over the tracks...everywhere."

Although many communities suffered flooding, the levee system saved countless dollars, acres, and homes along the river. Colonel David Eckstein is with the Army Corps of Engineers. He says even though the levee system took a beating during the flood, but they are working to get the system back up to par.

"We're looking at about a 3 year time frame before we're back to that same level. And you still need good weather, the river to be low so the contractor can get out there and do the work."

Congress gave the Corps of Engineers nearly one billion dollars to make necessary repairs to the levee system.




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