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20 Mississippians Deploying To Afghanistan

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 05 Dec 2012 04:33pm | comments
Joevy Prevo and his daughter.

A group of Mississippi National Guard members is leaving today to support the war in Afghanistan. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports that the soldiers will help tell the story of the war.

"Are we ready to go? (Hooha!) There you go. Be careful,"

At a send off ceremony in Jackson, a Brigadier general motivates the 20 Mississippians who will soon be serving a year helping the fight in the war in Afghanistan.

The 102nd mobile public affairs detachment is on its way to help embedded journalist and produce stories about the war from a soldiers point of view says unit commander Major Brooks Little.

"It is all about making sure that we are good stewards and providing the trust and confidence that the American people need to know about what the army is doing and how we are doing business over there. It is a necessity. It’s a requirement from the people. It has been that way for years and we are going to maintain that standard by providing the trust and confidence that they deserve," Little said.

The deployment is an emotional time for many of the soldier’s and their families.

While this is the second time this unit has been deployed, many of the soldiers in it have served multiple tours, some as many as six.

Its the second deployment for specialist Joevy Prevo of Carriere but the first since the birth of his 16-month old daughter Jocelyn.

"I have more to worry about at home. Last time I didn't have any real responsibility. (do you think she knows what is going on?) Not really. I think she will know I am gone. Because I think she knows when I am gone now. Hopefully I will just fall back in where I left off," Prevo said.

Joevy's mother Sandra is disappointed that she will not be able to have Christmas with her son.

"I am proud of him, very proud of him. It is just hard. Its a bad time of the year and he is leaving a 16-month old. That's heartbreaking but I am very proud of him," Prevo said.

The unit will travel to Fort Dix in New Jersey today before flying to Afghanistan after the holidays to officially begin their role in the war.


Joevy Prevo and his daughter.



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