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2013 Allergy Season Worse Than Normal

By Daniel Cherry | Published 18 Apr 2013 04:27pm | comments
A warm winter and lots of rain have trees producing more pollen than usual. Mississippi is experiencing a "perfect storm" for allergies this Spring.
With a warmer-than-normal winter, increased urban pollution, and Mississippi being a primarily rural state with lots of plant life, experts say it's a cocktail leaving eyes itchier and noses stuffier than usual. Dr. Gailen Marshall is an allergist with the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
"I think a lot of people think that's just allergists way of trying to drum up business, but the botanists and the meteorologists confirm this year that this came early, it's extremely high, and it's lasting a lot longer than typical," says Marshall.
Spring is in full bloom, and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is predicting 2013 will be an especially bad year for allergies. In fact the AAFA named Jackson as the 2013 allergy capital. Allen Vest of Jackson says he's noticed a change.
"It's very uncomfortable when you get into a full-blown allergy attack and you can't breathe and your nose is running. Itch, irritated, you name it. It's pretty miserable," said Vest.
But it's not too late to get some relief, Dr. Marshall says pollen levels are highest in the morning, so avoid the outdoors until the evenings, and after being outdoors change your clothes.
"If you spend time outside during this time of the year, it is very wise council to at the minimum to change your outer garments and ideally to shower as well because it gets on your hair and it gets on your body," advises Marshall.
While allergy medications are able to help, Dr. Marshall says people who are known to have Spring allergies should start taking medications before symptoms hit in order to build up a higher tolerance.




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