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Remembering the Freedom Rides

Every day during the month of May 2011, MPB TV and MPB Think Radio aired informational segments documenting the Freedom Rides in Mississippi. While the violence and turmoil in Alabama are often emphasized, the experience in Mississippi, which brought the efforts of the Freedom Riders to a head, is largely unknown. These pieces produced by MPB explain how the Rides came to an end in Jackson.

  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #40
    The Freedom Riders leave a lasting legacy much larger than they initially imagined.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #39
    The movement causes an order to be issued from AG Robert Kennedy removing segregated signage from intrastate terminals.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #38
    The legal battle goes on into the fall and winter, eventually reaching the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #37
    Taking only 40 minutes to deliberate, the all-white jury finds the first Freedom Rider on trial guilty of breach of peace.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #36
    In the first trial, the State of Mississippi tries to prove that they avoided riots by arresting the Freedom Riders.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #35
    The first Freedom Rider goes to trial, and the judge says it is not a racial issue, but rather a breach of peace issue.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #34
    Rather than making the Freedom Riders angry, the circuit judge's decision to make them come back to Jackson reinvigorates them.
  • Air date 05/30/11
    Episode #33
    As the trials go on, the court costs rise for CORE, which paid all of the fees for the Freedom Riders as well as travel costs.
  • Air date 05/29/11
    Episode #32
    By mid-August 1961, most Freedom Riders had been released, but had to come back to Jackson in person to seek appeal.