Contests and Awards

From the PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest to the MPB Holiday Card Contest, MPB provides opportunities for achievement and recognizes the accomplishments of Mississippi children. 

2013 Writers Contest

MPB encouraged children in kindergarten through 3rd grade to create their own stories as part of the 2013 PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest.  Children celebrated the power of creating stories and illustrations by submitting their own original pieces to MPB.  The Contest was a huge success this year with over 424 entries total. Internal and external judging was conducted to select our 2013 winners.  Winners for our 2013 Contest are as follows:


1st  Mylie Nelson   “ My Trip to the Beach

2nd  Indigo Stockton   “The Adventure to the Crystal Castale

3rd  Annika Smith   “How the Girl Met the Dragon

First Grade:        

1st  Brett Killingsworth   “Adventures at Shark Tooth Island

2nd  Margaret Adlakha   “Giraffe’s Big Decision

3rd  Marissa Wingerter   “The Little Panda

Second Grade:    

1st  Ky Hoang   “The Lost Little Dragon

2nd  Emiah Sanders   “The Genie

3rd  Sarah Hoxie   “The Big Beach Party

Third Grade:         

1st  Jocelynn Sengsiry  "Teeth Facts of Life

2nd  Jackson Lancaster  “Franky and Bob the Crazy Chicken Brothers

3rd Oliver Young   “Door-to-Door Danger


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National winners will be notified in June 2013.  Each national winner’s story will be posted on the contest website at


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