For Independent Producers

Mississippi is home to some of the most celebrated artists, musicians and writers in the nation. That talent extends to independent producers who use film and videotape to create their own artistry. In the spirit of community and cooperation, Mississippi Public Broadcasting is committed to serving as a support system, creative resource and promotional outlet for independent producers.

Click here for the Independent Producers online submission form.


How do you know if you are eligible for consideration? 

MPB defines an independent producer as a person who has knowledge and experience in the production of film or video. The successful applicant may have a background in public television or related industries such as commercial television and feature films. We require a proven track record of creativity and innovation. If you have a unique, well-conceived and compelling story as it applies to our mission, we are here to offer you assistance and guidance. 


The Process

How does MPB work with independent producers?

Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s mission is to relate in a collaborative fashion with appropriate partners to create and deliver programming that is relevant to Mississippi.

  • In support of this mission, all proposed projects (radio and television) are evaluated on
  • six primary criteria-link to the following material 

1. How does the project contribute to MPB's mission?

2. To what audience does the project speak? Will it attract a diverse audience?

3. How does the project educate and inform the intended audience?

4. Define how the project engages the viewer?

5. What is the potential for interactive platforms?

6. What is the cost of the project?

  • Your proposal should follow specific production guidelines.  

Synopsis : brief outline/summary of the subject and story of the program. You may also want to include the history of your story idea or the larger context out of which your story emerged. 

Treatment : explain how you envision translating your story from page to screen or radio. You should include structure, theme, style, format, voice and point-of-view. For an explanation of each of these elements please click here. 

Project Timetable : provide a detailed schedule of all phases of production. 

Interactive Elements : explain how you plan to enhance your project through a companion website and/or interactive television components. 

Budget : complete the MPB Production Proposal Budget Form. (is coming soon.) 

Potential Community Partners : identify any organizations and/or individuals who are willing to or could potentially contribute to this project. In what ways might they contribute? Are they a potential funding source? 

Personnel : identify key project staff (i.e. producer, director, writer, videographer, editor), including experts, consultants, and talent. Provide summary of experience or resumes of principal participants.

Equipment : What specific equipment will you require to complete your project? 

  • Complete the MPB Production Proposal Budget form.
  •  All submissions must be accompanied with a Submission Release Form.
  • If your project is accepted, our production department will offer in-kind donations of staff, equipment and technical assistance.
  • MPB prefers fully funded programs that do not require additional funding from us to complete. But in some instances MPB may partner with local foundations or other entities to provide funding for local producers. 
  • MPB may also be of assistance in helping you find grants or other sources of revenue. There are two primary sources ( and for funding available for public television projects. 
  • Accepted programs are included in MPB’s regular on-air promotion and in our program guide, Fine Tuning.
  • MPB may consider outreach and website components to certain projects.

MPB has a history of supporting or assisting the independent film and video community. 


Submission Policy

  •  If Mississippi Public Broadcasting accepts your application, we can only insure that your program airs on the MPB network. Programs are not distributed nationally via PBS. However, MPB may support alternative efforts to obtain a wider distribution of independent properties in the public television domain.
  • MPB will meet with individuals about their project after application materials have been reviewed. However applicants may contact MPB with questions regarding the application or application process.
  • MPB requests that you submit a sample of your work from your current or a previous production. Please provide a DVD or VHS copy.
  • Submit proposals or complete programs to:

Content Department
Mississippi Public Broadcasting
3825 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, Mississippi  39211

Click here for the Independent Producers online submission form.